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User can't Warm Transfer

I have a new user using RC Phone Windows app. When she receives the call and attempts to transfer the "Warm Transfer" option is grayed out. She seems to be the only user experiencing this issue. Is there a setting that controls this?

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Hello @Michael Arndt! Apologies for that. Can you send us a screenshot, please? Are you using the latest app? Thank you.

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As I stated already I'm using RC Phone app for Windows.

The screenshot will only show that the Warm Transfer is grayed out but blind transfer isn't.

What else do you need to know?

I tried to get in touch with support through Chat and waited for about 30 minutes and nobody ever picked up.

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Apologies, @Michael Arndt. I will escalate the issue to support and reach you as soon as possible. I appreciate your patience in this matter.

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@Michael Arndt Jenn will create a case number for you so that someone will get back to you on this issue.
As an aside, I have escalated the issue regarding your delayed chat experience. Appreciate you sharing this so we can make sure that doesn't happen again.

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Here's your case number for this issue, 14017193. We also tagged this as a high priority. Thank you.

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1 Answer

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@Michael Arndt , could you please send a feedback using "RC Phone -> Settings -> Support -> Send Product Feedback" with the text "User can't Warm Transfer" and appropriate comments right after you will experience the issue?


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