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Why is the date of the meeting NOT included with the meeting info?

When I schedule a meeting with "Meeting Info" option and copy the info and paste it into an email, the meeting date and time is not included in that information and it is not added to the list of scheduled meetings. Which apparently has been an issue for over a year, according to other posts.

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Can you share the API endpoint?

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What is the API endpoint?

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Oh, so you are not using an API to schedule a meeting? Which app do you use to schedule meeting then?

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Which meeting solution are you using?
We have 2 solutions : RC Meetings and RC Video .
Are you using RC App to schedule a meeting ? Please provide more info and we can assist you further.

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From the iMac desktop version Web, Mac of RingCentral, I am selecting the "Video" button on the left and then selecting "Schedule", then in the pop up "Schedule a meeting" window I am inserting all the meeting details. I am using the "Meeting info" option in the "Schedule using" section of the popup window. After clicking the "Schedule" button the "Your meeting has been scheduled" window opens. When I click the "Copy invitation" button there is no time or date in that copied information. When I select the "Close" button the meeting is not added to the "Upcoming meetings" area in the RingCentral app interface.

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@Terrence Gallagher , Do you include the time and date in the meeting info? Also, meetings created using meeting info are not listed or saved anywhere.

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