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I keep trying to log into the site and it tell me I need to disable pop-ups. They are. I've also tried using three different browsers and the site doesn't allow me to log in on any of them. Is this an issue that just arose? I was logged in yesterday.

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Hi Frank, It's working for me. What are you seeing when you try to access the site/ login? And to confirm, did you mean "enable" pop-ups, as if pop-ups are disabled it will prevent the login screen from opening in the browser.

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I click on login, and it just reloads the same page. I've deleted cache on the the history and tried again. It launches the pop-up to put my credentials, I says "login successful" but this below page appears again which just loops and I keep gettin the same page. I've tried login in using Chrome, Safair, and Firefox. All the same issue...


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