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Giving people time to enter extension number

We have an 800 number that is our main number. In the IVR settings I have that number going directly to an extension. The greeting, if not answered, is the extension's voicemail greeting, not the company greeting.

When the voicemail greeting starts, it says "We can't take your call right now, but if you know your party's extension please enter it now followed by the pound sign, otherwise, wait for the beep to leave us a message." The reason it goes directly to the extension is because we want the main messages to be left on that extension if the caller doesn't know any other one.

The problem is that the caller must enter the alternate extension FAST or it beeps to leave a message, then they can't enter the extension. Should the IVR be set to the company greeting? Otherwise what suggestions might someone have out there?

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I would just connect your 800 # directly to an IVR Menu and switch up your wording.

"We're sorry we missed your call. If you know your party's extension, please dial it now or press 9 for the directory. Otherwise, please press 1 to leave a VM.'

In your key presses, simply have 1 transfer to VM of your desired extension and 9 to the dial by name directory.

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AHA! Ok, I've never dug into the IVR stuff, but I read up about it and this does the trick. Now I can send my callers into a neverending hellscape phone maze! HAHA

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