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Can't send SMS with the word pharmacy in it. we are a pharmacy and the word is in our name

This has been going on for over a month and RC support can't seem to resolve what seems like a simple whitelist issue. they keep saying they have escalated the issue. that is if we can get anyone to talk to us at all.

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Simple whitelist issue? No RingCentral does not control nor whitelist any keyword in SMS text messages. When this happens, it is the recipient's mobile carrier who flags the message.

This is a public forum, so I can't ask you for further sensitive information. Feel free to contact me at

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I know this is the developers form and I posted this question in the customer community so I wont go on about this but I do see that registering with the campaign registry (Ring Central works with them as a CSP) and using 10DLC may fix this issue but I don't understand why nobody from RC recommended this approach.

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Hi Doug,
One of the challenges we're seeing right now is aggressive blocking of messages and numerous false positives in attempt to reduce or eliminate spam and malicious messages (unfortunately "pharmacy" is one of the commonly abused terms).

We have registered customer numbers with TCR, and are in the process of reaching out to customers who need their own unique TCR campaigns. Unfortunately, while TCR is designed to significantly improve deliverability, some customers are still experiencing challenges as TCR does not currently override all spam filtering including some of the aggressive filtering we are seeing. In other words, it helps prevent you from getting blacklisted, but may not automatically allow your messages to go through. We are working with carriers and affiliated providers to address this and hope to have an update soon.

- Mike

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