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Can't send SMS with the word pharmacy in it. we are a pharmacy and the word is in our name

This has been going on for over a month and RC support can't seem to resolve what seems like a simple whitelist issue. they keep saying they have escalated the issue. that is if we can get anyone to talk to us at all. Today like many days SMS is not working at all.

Case #14006406.

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Hey, @Doug Ferguson

Over the last year, mobile carriers have made numerous changes that have impacted what types of SMS, and how SMS may be sent. This is unfortunately something that is impacting the entire industry.

One of the biggest impacts, as you are discovering is that business SMS is now being classified differently, and as such now operates under a new set of rules. By default, any messages containing any references to drugs or things that may be illegal are blocked by upstream providers/carriers. This means that we are unable to lift the restriction as it is not our restriction to lift.

You may be able to apply for a special exemption with the carriers through The Campaign Registry (TCR), but even paying the special exemption fees there are no guarantees that your application will be approved. Instead, I would recommend first making sure that all recipients you message have opted into your SMS (SMS promotions cannot be sent unless you have explicit permission from the receiver to do so), and that your messages be generic in nature - ie "Have you been charged with criminal possession?..."

The above information was shared in another thread from a Developer Product Manager.
Let us know if you have further questions and if we can help.

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Thanks, I saw that earlier and have been taking a deep dive into researching this. We don't send promotions, we send 1-on-1 text to the patient with prescription info and fill notifications. I am not sure if setting up a campaign will solve this unless its just a vague campaign that includes a few words we use like "pharmacy" and the campaign never ends. we also send from over 50 different phone numbers as each pharmacy tech has their own number. would setting up a service like A2P SMS messaging through RingCentral help this issue at all?

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