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Yealink T48s and intercom.

We just switched to RingCentral and are trying to utilize the intercom system with the Yealink T48s and Expansion docks. We have gotten the intercom to work by pressing Intercom on the Yealink T48 then entering the Extension Number we wish to use. However when we add someone to the expansion hotkey and setting it up with Intercom to a specific user it just rings the user.

How do we get this to work on the Yealink T48s with Expansions?

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@Pete Wells I'm currently checking the answer for your question. I'll get back to you soon.

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@Pete Wells Have you tried by pressing *85 and following the prompt instead of pressing the Intercom button?

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That works as does pressing the intercom button then the extension. Neither of which answers the question.

With the T48s phones with have the EXP40 expansion module and it can be programed with intercom speed dials however when we try to use them it makes a normal call. How do we get that function to work?

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