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Can not login to Ringcentral account via OAuth with sandbox

I can log in to the RingCentral developer website by this account. But when I try to log in with OAuth Flow to create Webhook, it always shows the password does not match. See my video:

This is my app detail:


developer sandboxoauthoauth2
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Hi @Samantha Thompson
Can you help us with the error/error message you are getting?
Also, are you using an email id to log in or a phone number?

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My bad.
Just saw the video
From what I can see, the number you are using is your production number while your app is still a sandbox app.
Can you use your sandbox number to login?
When you log into the developer portal and go to the "Credentials" section, you will see your "Sandbox Main Company Number"
@Samantha Thompson

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Thank you for your help. I do following the Phong Vu comment and it worked now.

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The developer account is different from the sandbox account. You cannot login your sandbox account using the same login credentials you use to login the developer account.

On your video, I cannot see how you login your sandbox but I see you use the same username (phone number) which most probably not your sandbox user name.

See the screen at 0:26 secs


Click the "Sandbox Accounts" and click the "Up arrow" icon to navigate to your sandbox account. Choose one of the users under the Users list. If you have not setup your sandbox account, you will see only 1 super admin user 101. Feel free to add more users (up to 3), setup and test.

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Thank you so much. I can log in now with your support.

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I try to apply applications from sandbox to production mode. But I can not make a call to get the recording in the sandbox mode => I can not pass the get recording permision. See this image:


So have another way to push this App to production mode?

Can you help me push the app to production? This is the client ID:



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Unfortunately, I cannot help manually graduate your app.

1. You have not graduated any app for your production account.

2. Your apps have many app permissions including the SMS permission which always need to pass sandbox test and app review process.

Follow the instructions in this dev guide to test and graduate your app.

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