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Adding RC Meeting to Google Calendar Event

I’m using Acuity Scheduling to schedule, which syncs closely with Google.

We use the RC Google Addon. When I create a meeting in Google Cal and invite someone, an RC meeting is automatically created.

However, when I create an event in Acuity and it syncs to Google, there is no RC event.

Is there a way to create a meeting and then attach it to the Google calendar event?

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Hi @andrew-legrand , can you please clarify your question? Would you like the scheduled meeting that you created in Acuity to reflect in the RingCentral App?

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An Acuity <> RingCentral integration would be best, but I realize there are posts about that that don't gain much traction.

So instead, I'd like to somehow be able to automatically add RC Videos to any Google calendar event that has an invitee. Currently, this is possible if I create the event in Google Calendar. However, I'm creating the event with Acuity, and that's pushing it to Google Calendar.

In fact, these events are already appearing in the RingCentral app (I assume because it's syncing with Google Calendar), but they don't have a meeting associated with them.

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