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Is there a chatbox widget available for a website?

We need a chatbox for our website that will ask a visitor for some basic information, such as name, email, phone and subject of interest. Then, based on the input the visitor provides, they will be prompted with the button to call one of our relevant RingCentral groups/queues. Are there any templates available to configure such a widget that could be integrated with a WordPress website?

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@Oscar Khesin I am not familiar with any such app or integration available in our App Gallery, but it certainly would be a useful tool.

But I did take the liberty to do some searching on the web. For your use case, it doesn't sound like you need to engage any server component. Meaning all of the logic you need could be encapsulated in the widget directly. All you need to do is create a sequence of questions that results in determining what extension to route the person to.

Here are some simple javascript examples of how to create/embed a chatbox on your website:

You could then prompt the user for a phone number and they will be connected to the right person - and you could use the RingOut API to help make that connection.

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Thank you, Byrne!
I found the following free chatbox plugin

I can configure the plugin for initial interaction, so will I be able to add RC API methods to the plugin to direct chatbox visitors to call and/or chat with relevant RC Cues / members?

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Yes, you should be able to. Given that it is AJAX, this assumes there will be a server-side component to this as well. That is a GOOD THING as it will make it easier and more secure for you to query the RingCentral API to fetch extensions, or other phone numbers, and finally to initiate the RingOut API call to start the phone call.

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hi Byrne, do you know any consultant/developer who could help customize the Engage Digital demo for our needs?
Here is a demo:

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Hi Embbnux, can somebody help customize your Engage Digital demo for our needs?

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Hi @Oscar Khesin You can have a support from here
For customizing the widget UI, it can be done in the Engage Digital admin website. For auto reply, you can follow this guide

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I'm RC admin , how can I locate the attached page with admin menu ? Do I need to subscribe to some Digital Engage 3315-engage-admin.pngservice or it's included in my plan?

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