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Bot Add in installation failing due to subscription

Is anyone else currently unable to install bot add-ins in the sandbox environment?

It seems like the subscriptions aren't being created during the bot installation process, and hitting the create subscription endpoint returns a 401.

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Did you follow the instructions in this Walkthrough dev guide? If you did, can you share a few lines of code of your app so I can help.

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Yes (although we did not opt to use the js bot framework we wrote our own api wrapper in c#), we already have a bot add-in promoted to production that is currently functioning. My oauth redirect url is responding with 200 within the allotted time and everything on my end seems to be behaving as expected as far as I can tell.

I was hoping to just confirm whether this is an isolated issue or not.

If this is not an isolated issue, I did notice that there were some changes made to enforcement of expiresIn arg for createSubscription mentioned in another post around the same time I started encountering this issue.

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Yes, there was a change in the Webhook subscription max expiresIn value that was reduced from 20 years down to 10 years. That change got impact on Mar 17. But on Mar 18, we temporarily restored the old max value of 20 years for now so it should not be a problem. Can you reduce the expiresIn value to 10 years (to make sure there would not be a problem later), remove the bot and reinstall it again to see if that helps. Otherwise, give me the bot app client id so I can have a look at it settings.

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From what I understand, the bot add-in event subscriptions are defined on the Bot Webhooks tab with the chips under subscribe to events. And then the creation of those event subscriptions are triggered by the Add to RingCentral button on the Bot tab. Whenever I press the add to ringcentral button I see the request come through ngrok and a 200 response is sent back in time, however adding in the bot fails and the error messsage "We are unable to add the bot to the account since subscription is failed." appears in the portal. If I make a subsequent call to list subscriptions, it returns empty results and if I try to create a subscription subsequently I get a 401 (presumably because the bot wasn't successfully installed).

My first assumption is that my settings are causing the issue, however, I've tried both cloning the app and creating a new app and configuring from scratch with the same end result. If you can take a peek at my settings and see if you can find anything suspect that would be greatly appreciated.

My client Id: tYNhVWWDT7SDbhc-6HNYSQ

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