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Present "Access Request" only one time per user

The "Access Request" screen is a screen where user confirm/"Authorize" that an application can access certain user information. Currently, this screen appears after any time where user provides credentials or even when user continue as already logged-in user. We would like to present this screen only one time. Is there an option to present the "Access Request" screen until user "Authorize" the screen and then no longer present the "Access Request" screen?

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Hi @Shlomi Biton
From what I know, there is no way to stop the "scope" prompt.
The auth page can be customized to some extent but not showing scope every time is not a configuration option from what I know

That being said, every time the user's access token is expired and the application fails to renew it or the user logs out, a new access token request needs to be sent. From a security point of view, I think it is necessary to show the user what is the "scope" of this auth request and what resources will the application token have access to every time the user grants access to the application.

This is my understanding of how it works and will let others add their thought/ways if they know of any

Hope this is helpful

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