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Setting message retention does not affect historic messages?

Recently we changed our Message Retention policy from "Keep all messages" to retain only the last 90 days. The process to purge messages runs nightly according to RC documentation. However, any messages created before the date of the policy change do not get removed.

I've opened a ticket with RC and the response is that only messages created AFTER the date of the policy change will be affected. In addition, I've been told by RC that they do not have a way to delete old messages but there "MAY" be a way for a site superadmin to delete messages.

I'm interested in removing messages older than 90 days and then let the message retention policy do the work going forward. Does anyone know how to delete old messages?

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We have a ticket open with RingCentral and they confirm that THEY don't have a method to remove old GLIP messages but they stated multiple times that there might be a way for a SUPERADMIN to remove them. If there is no way to remove old messages, it is a large gap in their service offering. I found an improvement request for this very situation from October 2020 which has 11 votes in favor. If you're having the same issue, give that improvement request a few more of your clicks. Just search "retention" and look for "Data Retention Policy Verbiage Update."

I continue to press RC support to provide a workable solution and I'll keep this thread active.

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Hi Drew, are you referring to Voicemail Messages?

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I'm referring to messages previously known as GLIP messages.

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Thanks for clarifying but there is no option for the admin to delete it, too.

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