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Looking for a support person to maintain and configure RC system

We are looking for someone to support out RC system for us. We would like to be able to have someone who can take our requests and implement them in RC. We are not looking for developer level support, we just need someone who can reconfigure RC when we need it.

A little about our system. We use RC in a shared environment. We have three offices being served by one receptionist and office has a different number associated with them. We had the RC system setup initially to display the number the caller dialed so the receptionist knew how to answer the phone based on the number the caller dialed. We also have a remote office and the phones for both offices are answered from one locations. We are needing to change how and to who the calls are routed when someone calls a specific number.

At one time Chuck Fuscone provided us the support we needed, but he is not reachable. We are looking for someone to help us in the way Chuck did. He did a great job. Very response and was able to develop creative solutions to our needs.

If you or you can recommend someone it would be greatly appreciated.

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We might recommend reaching out to our Professional Services Team for customizable support.
If that's not a fit, there are often Partners and experts that are open to assist.
We'll keep our eyes peeled for those folks to see if they can jump in here to lend a hand.

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Thanks Becky. I'll keep an eye out for other responses. Do you have a contact for the professional services team? I'm not sure it will be a fit, but I'm willing to discuss what I'm looking for with someone in that group.

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Of course! I put my feelers out for a contact in PS that can chat with you.
More on that soon!

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I sent you an email, @Law Office ML!
Let me know if you don't see it!

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