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Is there an account wide instant message event webhook?

Hi community.

We're currently working on a ring central integration to detect the inbound sms for all users in our organization. For the call, we have the account level telephony event presented here

However It looks like for the SMS there's only an extension web hook and this cannot be set for the whole account.

Is there a way for a webhook on a main account to recieve all the sms events of all users of the account like in the telephony events?

If not, then i would like to ask if there's a limit on the event filters array when creating a subscription and how that may affect the delivery performance of the sms events. As we don't want to create a web hook per each user.

As context. We have a front end spa application (with 3 legged auth) to handle creating calls and sms and a back end application to handle web hook events (with password or jwt auth)

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No. But if you authenticate your app with a super admin user credentials, you can subscribe for other extensions instant message using their extension Ids. E.g.

var eventFilters = [
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Hi Phong, thanks for answering. In that case, we currently have more than 300 users. If I were to add all of those in the event filters, is there going to be any performance issues or is there a limit for the event inside that array?

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As far as I know, there is "no limit" of event filters. There could be an actual limit but I believe that it would be much much higher than any real use case.

I don't think that 300 is a big number that would cause a performance issue in terms of incoming text message notification.

May I know the use case of capturing all company incoming text messages in real time?

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Sure, the business wants to have an internal communications logs that centralizes calls, sms and emailing. (call and sms being done via RC)

That's why we need to detect when a new inbound sms arrives for any user to either fill that in real time (if all info is in the event) or to schedule it for a later update.

We don't want to have a webhook per each user for this, because that would mean that in case we want to debug the subscriptions or administer them, we would need their credentials. So, like with the call events in which you only need a single web hook, we wanted to do something similar for sms

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