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Setup Operator/Receptionists

We are a mid-size company. We currently have 1 Operator that manages their own extension, as well as a Operator extension, both using MVP accounts. We are about to add a 2nd Operator, so having an Operator MVP account is no longer the way to go.

We also have a few hundred Toll-Free, Addtl Local Numbers, and Extensions that all forward to that Operator MVP account.

What is the best way to have 2 employees share Operator/Reception duties both simultaneously, as well as on schedules? We looked into Call Queues and I recently saw a Bridge Operator Console.

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current client of mine is mid-size and has the same scenario. One receptionist, soon to be two, split duties, call queues internally for them to route calls into with advanced routing functionality. Bridge operator console would be the best option for you to explore, most likely, hope this helps

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