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SMS delays & unaware of Message not sent

We frequently have days were we notice that our SMS can be 1-4 hours delayed (to the recipient). On our end it says sent at the correct time, and there is NO "Message Not sent" notification. Even when we are texting other members of our team. It's of course tricky to know, logging out and logging in doesn't help, neither does a computer restart. Any thoughts?

Also, we know if a sms text was "not sent'. if would be nice to get notified or for it to stand out more. If I look at my general "text" tab, the text colour is black, meaning it looks like it sent, but it's not until I click on that thread that I see the text is red with the "message not sent"

sms and text messaging
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Hi Krista! Please check this issue with Tech Support so they can troubleshoot the problem with your SMS service. Click Open a case with tech support under the Get Started board on your upper right screen.

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