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App deployment to accounts

Our first app is created in sandbox and graduated to production for our own production account which is working great utilising the production credentials and is considered live;




+ JWT Token for authentication

Now I want to use exactly the same application for other accounts so do I have to go through the process again of 'connect to a sandbox - create app - test for 2 days - elevate to production etc' every time I want to connect our application to a new production account?

I assume I would need new Client ID, secret and JWT for each account we wish to connect but how would these be obtained without creating the app again in sandbox?

App gallery - application is pending review since 12th June - is this relevant to this process being clearer?

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Technically, that should be the process but we understand that there are times when you are cloning apps for different accounts that you have already tested in the past.
For such cases, I would encourage you to create the new app, make a few API calls to let us know the app works, and raise a support ticket mentioning this is a clone of another app with the details like app ids of both these apps, etc.

The support team would be able to help you with expediting the process of graduating the app in such cases

If this answers your question, feel free to accept the answer :)

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Developer sandbox tools

Using the RingCentral Phone for Desktop, you can dial or receive test calls, send and receive test SMS or Fax messages in your sandbox environment.

Download RingCentral Phone for Desktop:

Tip: switch to the "sandbox mode" before logging in the app:

  • On MacOS: press "fn + command + f2" keys
  • On Windows: press "Ctrl + F2" keys