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Phone App Does not Consistently Ring

Hello, I have 4 lines that I use for my business. One of the lines, I use for after hour's calls. I have 2 users that use that login, as they rotate days. Since August 2021, I have had intermittent issues where the app does not actually ring, but when they go into the call log, they will see missed calls, many times there will also be a voice mail to accompany the call (so we know its not a wrong number).

I have tried multiple times with the support from ring central. I've heard many things from "Only use wifi" to "Only use Cellular Data" to "Reboot the Router" to "Restart the Phone" to "Reinstall the app". None of these things are consistently working. Both of my users experience this issue. They are both physically located in different locations. I have given them new phones, and tried using different cell carriers, and even that does not resolve my issue.

What is going on? I love my on call team, but I'm sick of taking calls from them at least once per week saying the phone isn't ringing for them. Please, please help me!

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Hi Annie, to clarify, are two people logged in at the same time using the same credentials?

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Hi Mary,

No, there is only one user logged in at a time.

Additionally, we temporarily thought the issue was fixed when a support technician changed the ring sequence of that particular extension so the app and computer would ring first, and then actual phone (we had the desk phone set to ring for 5 minutes previously). This seemed to have temporarily corrected the problem, starting from this past Monday, however on Friday evening at 5:45 my on call once again started missing calls. She and I were able to troubleshoot again to find out this was happening while only on wifi. She rebooted the router, the phone, completely reinstalled the ring central app and it still does not work. The phone is currently working only on data, however, that isn't a good solution as the call quality is poor over data.

I've been told to check the IP address to ensure there isn't an issue with it, I have done so, and there is no issue with the IP.

I've escalated the issue through the Tier 3 team, and I'm hoping for some kind of a resolution. This is affecting my teams ability to do their jobs. If potential customers cannot reach me, that's a problem, if current customers or employees cannot reach me, that disrupts my business and could cause me to actually lose a customer. I actually had an employee give birth at a clients house in the middle of the night a few months back, and no one could get ahold of my on call team due to the phones not working correctly.

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I'm sorry for having this issue. I will follow up with your escalated ticket to ensure they are working on it. Thanks for your patience!

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