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Not able to save emergency address

image (5).pngimage (4).pngimage (1).png Hello Team, when I login to ring central i'm not able to save an emergency address. Details below for your reference. kindly do the needful. Phone number:- 13234573040 APP ID:- jyl2lKSJQ4af6WhkXol70w internal server error coming. Attaching screenshot for reference. Kindly do the needful

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What were you trying to do? The screenshots do not tell me how you change the emergency address, using the RC app or using the admin portal? And you also posted the app client id, how is that related to the problem?

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Hi Phong Vu, i'm trying to login through ring central sdk. when i try to login then this screen will come to enter your emergency address.without entering this i'm not able to login. But when i enter address then this error comes. i posted app client id for the reference.

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Hi, I have the same issue, I tried to place an outbound call and was prompted to update the emergency address, when I clicked Confirm I got this screenshotuntitled.png

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Can you try this workaround solution.

1. Login the sandbox account service web

2. Select the user (the one you login the RC 'devtest' app)

3. Select the Phones & Numbers and select the 'Phones' tab

4. Click the 'Add Phone' button and at the second step 'Select devices', choose 'Other phones' select the 'Existing phone'

5. Move on to select phone number then at step 4, provide the emergency address

6. Complete other steps then save and go back to the RC 'devtest' app to make a call.

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Thanks Phong, so I was able to add the phone and provided the emergency address, I then went back to devtest, logged out and logged back in as that same user, but still was prompted to enter the emergency address and still failing. Here is the screenshot after I added the phone.screen-shot-2022-09-23-at-102616-am.png

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That's weird as it works for me with that trick. What is your sandbox account main company number?

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