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Question about Custom Rules for a Call Queue

Some of our call queues have been overwhelmed by spam calls lately, so I am trying to configure a Custom Answering Rule. We use Invoca as a "Ring Pool", meaning our website displays a special phone number, which when called redirects the caller to our RingCentral toll free number and call queue. I've already set Invoca to forward the calls with a specific caller ID, so that I can create a Custom Answering Rule for those calls.

Can I create a second rule that sends all other calls to voicemail? I need all other calls to bypass the employee's phones without ringing the queue. I can't find a way to set an ELSE statement or set the order of the rules.

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Thank you both, these are excellent ideas.

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Hello Josh, I'm checking if this setup is possible.

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I do this all the time for clients. Here's how you can do it via queues.

  1. Create your queue, but set the hours to closed for all hours. You will need to pick a block of 15 minutes where it's open, so I usually choose Sunday from 4am - 415am. If someone calls during this block, calls will come through, so just choose a time slot where the probability of that is near zero.
  2. Click on Call Handling and Members -> After Hours -> Send to Queue VM
  3. Create a custom rule and enter the Caller ID that you wish to accept calls, along with your Date/time condition. Then, define your call handling as per usual

The logic here is that the queue will send all calls to VM because that's the default config of the queue. However, whenever a call matches the caller ID that you input, it will route to the agents accordingly.

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Great suggestion, @tak-it1. Thank you!

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Hi Josh, it's not currently possible to dictate the priority of Custom Rules. However, it is possible to Block All Calls and then list specific area codes or numbers that are allowed through the block.

If you block all calls on the renicing call queue, you can add your toll-free in as an exception. Then you can proceed to use a custom rule to apply other routing logic to the calls that make it through the block.


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