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Anyone finding users (sometimes) have to call a number more than once to connect?

We're seeing cases each day (some days more than others), where our agents dial a number, it says connecting, but never does. They call the same number seconds later and it goes through.

Support is not indicating they've seen this with any other deployment. Anyone have any insight: It happens both in the office and for agents remote/home. no other issues once connected, or with inbound calls.

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One specific scenario from just today. The Rep reported: "..."I did a outbound call a few minutes ago. I had to call 3 times. It kept saying 'connecting' and would not connect. When I did reach her she said she could hear it ring once and stop...."

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If they are using a desk phone, please have them try to reboot to avoid glitches. Same if using the app, try to uninstall/reinstall.

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That's a call signalling issue. Basically, that's the part of the SIP protocol responsible for establishing and tearing down a call. You're having issues with the establishing part, so it's usually network related. A quick and dirty test to determine if it's your network is to have the reps use the mobile app on data for a day or two and get their feedback. If it's the same issue, then it's likely carrier related (RC, ISP, whoever owns your numbers, PSTN routing etc). If it's better, then you need to take a look at your network config.

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Thanks for the insight much appreciated - I'm open to any insight, including our local network and ISP. However, we've tested the RC 'Windows', Browser and "RC Phone" Apps. All exhibit the problem to some level. Additionally, our call agents are seeing it at home, on there local/private ISP platforms (no VPN back in here). That's why I was confident bringing it back into RC Support, but we're making no headway.

If I can be convinced it's something within our control here, I'm ready to make those adjustments. I don't feel we have that guidance yet.

Thanks again.

Patient, but not that great at it :)

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something this broad, you need to create a troubleticket with Ring Central because there is only so much that can get fixed with a reboot or uninstall....

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Thanks Joe - I have created several but we're not getting to the root. Thought I'll reach out to see if we were the only ones. New since May.. Thanks again.

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