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Clicked Send (To Voicemail on Desktop APP) caller to Voicemail but Mobile APP Continued to Ring

We have had a couple of users that have reported that they chose to send caller directly to voicemail using "To Voicemail" feature on the desktop APP, but call continued to ring on mobile APP and the caller ID was their own RingCentral name and number. Has anyone experienced this?

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Hi @Mike Schimento, what happens when you try to answer the call from the app while sending it to voicemail from the desktop?

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user is able to answer the call, I have one user who had it happen twice to her yesterday (9-21-2022), both calls were never presented to voicemail and appear in the logs as missed calls

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I'm currently checking if this is a normal behavior.

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Hey @Mike Schimento! Upon checking, this isn't the normal behavior. The mobile app should stop ringing. Please submit a ticket to Tech Support so they can check on this issue.

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Thank you

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Will do, thank you

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You're welcome!

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