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Can a Poly Trio 8800 on Ringcentral also work with Microsoft Teams (Skype)?

With our old phone system, we had several Poly Trio 8800's that used as a SIP phone plus had lines for Microsoft Teams (via Skype) and Zoom. Is this possible on Ringcentral?

We purchased a Poly Trio 8800 directly from Ringcentral. When we try to go into Settings, Advanced, we aren't seeing most of the options we do on our existing 8800's so there is no ability to provision additional lines. Also, we can't reach the web interface (that's something that you need to turn on under Advanced and that's not a choice on this phone. I chatted with Customer Support online yesterday and they said the phone must be bad and are sending a replacement.

In the meantime, I took one of our existing 8800's, assigned it to a Ringcentral extension as an Existing Phone and after it provisioned for Ringcentral, it now acts just like the one we purchased from Ringcentral so I don't think there is anything "wrong" with the one they are replacing. It's something in their provisioning that locks the 8800 into a limited user mode and not the full admin mode.

I tried a few times to reset our own 8800 by holding the 4 corners of the display during startup. It resets but then it pushes a software update that tries to reprovision it for Ringcentral after an automatic reboot. I went and removed the "Existing Phone" for our 8800 from the Ringcentral Admin Portal and it's MAC address is nowhere on the portal but it still does that software update so it is now a worthless 8800 if there isn't a workaround.

Anyone have any experiences with this?

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Hi Rich, apologies if you already have a fix on this. To answer your question, the answer is yes you can. We have many 8800 setup with 3 lines a piece (RC - line 1, Teams - line 2, Zoom - line 3) and it all works great. I think the trick for you will be all in how you setup the account on RC's side. Sounds like you are doing their auto provision by supplying the MAC address which in turn will make it a managed phone. We do the following:

Setup the 8800 with a basic profile, this option is available after your factory default it
Setup the account on RC as a limited extension and it is an existing device and you choose the "Setup manually using SIP"
Take that information and plug into the XML file and upload to the phone. I think there is a minimum firmware you need to be on, but not sure what that is anymore. But if you have been using the auto provisioning service to setup the phones the firmware should already be at a version they support.

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