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Ring central messages - disable edit/delete post

Would it be possible to develop the option to enable or disable editing/deleting posts in Ring Central Messaging? I need to stop users from deleting and editing what they wrote.

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Hi @Andrey Volkov, there is no setting to disable this function. You may submit a feature request in the Ideas Portal at

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There's a way to find out deleted messages by exporting the chat logs. They are exported as a .zip file and inside it you have folder "posts" that contains a JSON file.
You can use a regular notepad to open it (I used Sublime text 4). Once you open it you see a lot of details. If you want to find out the deleted parts just search for the keyword "true" so they get highlighted. In the attached picture you can see I wrote "testing 3" and deleted it. You won't be able to know if people edit the messages Capture.PNG

here's also an article on how to export the logs

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