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Incoming Calls Do Not Ring Phone or Delay to Last Ring

We are having an issue with a couple users. Their desktop applications are working perfectly fine, they will get calls immediately, but the desk phone is the issue. Either the phone never shows an incoming call or it'll come in delayed halfway through the 25-30 seconds of ringing.

If the incoming call does not show at all on the phone. It'll show up as a ghost call a minute later and actually ring the desk phone but will not have anyone on the other side as the call has long been completed.

Any fix for delayed incoming calls to the desk phone or not ringing at all?

We've already gone through some troubleshooting with RC support. See below.

- Call Handling is on RING ALL AT ONCE

- App/Phone have the same amount of rings (30 seconds)

- Phones have been rebooted

- Only two users so far are reporting this issue. It is not wide spread to our over 90+ other devices and users. No delays or missing incoming calls.

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Issue has now spread to another user. It's not every single call though enough that it is disrupting work as calls will not ring to their desk phone but will show on the desktop application.

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This is a developer forum. When you have this kind of questions, it's better to post on the user community or contact RingCentral support directly. I will move this thread to the user community though.

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Hi Adam, you may submit a Support Ticket at

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