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Missed Calls with and without vm at queue level significantly increased on 10/26?

I went from a few missed calls a day at the queue level to 47 on 10/31, for example. Did something change?

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The most common reason is if you changed the call handling settings of the call queue from Rotational or from Sequential to ring Simultaneously to all queue members.
For example if you have 1 call queue with 10 members which is set to ring Simultaneously this is what happens:
Caller dials your call queue. It rings to all 10 members. 1 member picks up, 9 members miss the call.
This doesn't happen if the call queue is set to Rotational or Sequential.

Other less likely but possible explanations are:
- if somebody added a custom rule that alters the call handling
- if you changed your working hours on the admin portal and have a lot of people calling you after hours as of 10/26

It's hard for me to throw guesses without looking at your settings, so start by checking those first

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