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Can someone come to my company and help me establish and utilize RingCentral?

I am interested in using Ringcentral for my business but am not sure if I need a specialist to help me get things going. So far the university and the videos on youtube have been very helpful and easy but I want to make sure when it comes to installing the phones.

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Installation complexity will depend on several different factors including how big your business is, how many different locations or sites you have, and any unique needs your business has. As you work with your representative they will help you with an implementation plan which absolutely can include professional services and onsite implementation.

For smaller businesses with standard use cases, the biggest potential blocker is just making sure you have an adequate internet connection, and it is recommended to connect the phones with ethernet instead of wifi. The phones (if purchased through RingCentral) would arrive preprogrammed, so all you would need to do in a lot of cases is simply plug them in - and everything would be managed through the RingCentral Admin Portal. If buying compatible phones outside of RingCentral, the RingCentral Admin Portal would walk you through setting up the SIP settings on those devices to connect them to the RingCentral extension desired. To make it easier, customers are also provided with onboarding calls to help make sure everything is set up correctly, introduce customers to the RingCentral Admin Portal, and answer any questions you may have.

Most small businesses are able to get up and running without onsite implementation, and for larger or more complex use cases our implementation and professional service teams are more than happy to help.

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