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Unable to Send Text Messages But can Send Photos, Videos, and Docs

Yesterday at 4:26pm ET, our company's ability to send or respond to "text" messages just stopped. Now, we just get an error message stating "Unable to send message. Sorry this message couldn't be delivered." However, I can still receive messages. And I can still send photos, videos, and docs just not texts. This happened last month in which my account manager stated that I need to add a sms bundle, which I did and that tripled my monthly bill, but now it's not working again.

I filled out the TCR application AFTER the issue started yesterday in which my brand is now registered and I'm waiting on the campaign to be approved. However, I'm not certain that this has anything to do with the TCR since I'm able to send photos, videos, and docs without limitation.

I have called several times in which no one has an answer for me. No one answers my support tickets. And my account manager, Harold, seems to only get back to me when it's convenient for him.

So like many on this community forum, I'm now left with my business suffering because of this sms issue, and I still have no answers from support. My question...

Is this actually a TCR issue when I'm still able to receive messages and send photos, videos, and docs just not texts?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi John, I would say that you're experiencing this issue because of the pending approval of your campaign registration. A campaign lets us know how you're using your phone numbers to send SMS, and the registration would take up to 20 business days.

We would also like to apologize for our Support Team's delay in responding to your inquiries due to the high volume of customers contacting us about TCR. Rest assured that they are monitoring everything. You may also check the TCR status on your Admin Portal. Sign in to your account and go to Phone System > Enhanced Business SMS > 10DLC Registration.

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Thank you Mary; however, I started experiencing this issue BEFORE the pending approval of my campaign and before the TCR application was even submitted. This is also the exact same issue that I experienced last month, the month before that, and the month before that.

If it's a TCR issue, then why would I still be able to send group texts, images, videos, and docs without issue?

Thank you for your response.

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You're welcome, John!

What you said makes sense! I also see it in your case history. Since you have an open ticket with Tech Support, they will contact you, and they can check further if it's the TCR or something else.

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Thank you Mary. I appreciate you contacting me since no one else has today other than scripted nonsense. Have a great weekend!

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