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Unable to disable user

Hello, I am having an issue where I am unable to Disable a user. We just had someone leave the company recently and I need to re-purpose their number and assigned to a new hire coming onboard. Typically, what I do is Disable the user then Delete the user and put the number back into the Number Inventory. When I try to Disable the use in question, I receive an error message that says "Some users cannot be Disabled. You need to only select users that are in Enabled state".

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've submitted a web case but support is non-existent.

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Hi Jordan, is there a delete option? If yes, you can click it, and the number will automatically move to unassigned numbers.

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Hello, of course there is a Delete option. However, you can't delete a number unless it's in a Disabled state.

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Can you please send me the details of that user so I can check? Send it to Thank you!

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