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Best practice for temp employees while og employee is on leave

Hi, I'm looking to try to develop a standard practice or policy of what to do when an employee goes on any type of leave (medical, paternity, ect). Typically our business will higher a temp employee to fill in the gap while the employee takes leave. We would like this experience to be as seamless as possible for our customers without having to change phone numbers and call trees. We would also like to make it easy for the employees and make sure temps can get old voicemails, and when the employee returns to transition everything back to them.

Is there an easy way to handle these transitions? Do we need spare licenses for these purposes? Would it be best to create the temp employee their own account and forward all calls to the temp employee? Then what about voicemail sharing. Or is it easier just to change the email address on the backend to the temp employee's email and let them log in like that.

Just wanted to see what other businesses were doing, or what RC may recommend as best practices.


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Hi Kyle, personally, I prefer to temporarily change the details of the extension including the password, then change it back to the old one once the regular employee returns so that it won't be a hassle to change the phone system.

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