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SMS Still Not Working After Submitting TCR - Detrimental to Our Healthcare Business

We are a healthcare business and rely heavily on test messaging our employees who are in the field with patients. We have submitted our TCR, completed a case number, and have had no updates from Ringcentral. This has been absolutely detrimental to our communication between office and field staff. How do we get this expedited?

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@Nicole Woessner From what I can see, your campaign and brand are officially registered.
However, the final step is to assign your numbers to the campaign.
You can learn more about that step here:

If you do this (or have done this) and you are still struggling with SMS, please shoot us a message here or via our Community Inbox and we'll get someone on our Telco Ops team to dig into it for you.

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We attempted to link the phone numbers. It shows that our campaign is still in pending status. Only the TCR has been approved. Please advise.

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Okay, we just dug into your account and it does still say pending.
Unfortunately, we have to wait for the vetting parties to review and approve.
In the meantime, can you confirm - Are you a new customer and your SMS has been restricted because of the TCR registration?

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