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lastModifiedTime for Team Messaging API posts when adding reactions


We are currently working on an application that involves consuming the RingCentral API, specifically this endpoint.

Our application has a feature to indicate when a chat message has been edited by comparing the `creationTime` and `lastModifiedTime` fields. However, we've noticed that when a reaction is added to a message, it alters the `lastModifiedTime` of the post, which leads our application to incorrectly indicate that the post has been edited.

I understand that the API currently does not support reactions, but is there a particular reason why a reaction changes the `lastModifiedTime`? Can this behavior be adjusted on your end so that reactions do not change the `lastModifiedTime`, or is there another endpoint or method we can use to more accurately determine if the text of a message has been edited?

Any assistance or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Confirm that this is the current issue. There is a request for having the reaction object in a post but that is not yet implemented. I request the team to consider not updating the LastModifiedTime for reaction activity but not sure if and when they would consider it.

Unfortunately, I don't have any workaround solution to this problem right now. Will let you know when I hear back from the team.

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