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Webhook Subscriptions Set Up By Users Who Have Left are Still Sending Data

Hello All,

Apologies for the verbose title but I wanted it to articulate my companies issue clearly. Here is what's happening:

Our company integrates with RC for many of our customers in order to obtain and track their telephony data. To accomplish this, we create webhook subscriptions for each account on behalf of a user from the account. The issue with this approach is that when that user leaves, a new user must authenticate with RC and thus, another subscription is created. The new webhook subscription itself is not the issue but rather, the old subscription which isn't deleted. Since the old subscription was made by a user we no longer track in our system, we cannot view or delete the old subscription via the RC API (

Is there a way for us to be able to view all webhook subscriptions for an account if we only have a specific users access token? If so, how can we delete the 'old' subscriptions? Perhaps there is a response we can return when the webhook sends us updates that would cancel the subscription - almost similar to getting our endpoint blacklisted except in this case, we would want the subscription to be deleted.

Please ask any clarifying questions needed and thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately, right now we don't have a solution for this. We are considering to provide a capability for a super admin to mange subscriptions for other extension tthough.

For now, the first thing to do is to prevent this by deleting the current subscription (using the subscription owner access token) before creating a new subscription with a new user's access token.

For those orphaned subscriptions that send unexpected events, detect the subscription id from the events and submit a dev support ticket to ask the support team delete them for you.

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