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Help with adding home office deskphone needed only when not in the office

Hi all, could use some help with figuring out the best way to do this.

Right now I have two "DigitalLine Unlimited" lines/user accounts from the former Standard plan offering (I think that's what the plan was called), and two Polycom physical desktop phones for these two lines/user accounts.

I'm building out a home office where I would like to have another Polycom desktop phone for use only on the days I am working from home.

This new home office Polycom phone and my current Office Polycom phone would never be in use at the same time.

Can someone please help me demystify what I need to configure/add/upgrade to my account for this to work per above with respect to incoming and outgoing calling ability.

Thanks so much!

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In other words you want to use 1 license for two phones. You would have to provision the phone in your home the first time, and then it is a matter of reassigning devices with few clicks.

Here is an in depth guide:
Admin Portal > Phone System > Phones & Devices > User Phones
Here you should be able to see the phone you are currently using. Click on the name of the phone.

At the top left you will see the current phone model, and its MAC address. Click on Change phone>Bring your own device and follow the steps for assisted provisioning of your at home phone. Once you are done the phone at your home will be working. And the phone you use at work will go to Unassigned devices.

After the devices have been provisioned once, then you can simply go to
User Phones > click on the phone that is currently assigned > Change Phone > Existing phone and select the one in the inventory to swap them. You will not have to provision them a second time after unassigning.

You can ask here if you need any help with assisted provisioning. There is also a guide about it if you google it.

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