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Ringout without press 1 or first leg having to accept call

When a user requests our app to perform a RingOut, the call starts ringing and the user needs to physically pickup the call to be connected, even though they are wearing a headset and are prepared to take the call when requesting the RingOut. This adds an unnecessary step to their workflow.

I see that you can disable the playPromt press 1 part, but is there a way to automatically have the user answer their leg of the call as soon as it starts ringing? Maybe it's a different API in the new Call Control resource?

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Hi Matt,

I think It's hard to do. Let's say the user is using a hard phone. The phone call not be answered unless the user pick up the phone. API cannot do "pick up".

Or if the user is using a cell phone, you cannot control the phone unless you install some Trojan  software into the destination phone.
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There might be some solution if you have full control over the destination phone. For example, you can install
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I may have worded incorrectly. When our system a triggers a RingOut, our rep receives one leg of the call and the person we're calling receives the other leg. We just want our rep to be automatically connected to their leg of the call, to maximize their productivity between calls.

If this is not possible, what is the recommended flow for RingOut to minimize their effort between calls? 

Also, is there any way to tell if a rep is actually on the phone with the other person? The CallConnected presence notification doesn't seem to specify this.
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Could you please let me know what kind of physical phone or soft phone software is the rep using?
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