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Please develop a Zapier MMS app

Does anyone want to be able to automate sending the following?:

Images: jpg/jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif/tiff
Videos: 3gp, mp4, mpeg, flv, wmv, mov
Audio: mp3
Files: vcf/vcard, zip, rtf, html

RingCentral does NOT have the Zapier integration so you need a developer to accomplish this.

RingCentral has an SMS Zapier app but none for MMS. Please develop a publicly available Zapier MMS app!

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Currently there is no RingCentral Zapier MMS integration. I sent this page to the engineering team and they are discussing.
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Ok so you post something to RingCentral in order to create a new MMS? 

RingCentral has API to send MMS:

You can setup a webhook yourself. So that you post something to the webhook, this webhook invoke RingCentral API to send the MMS.
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Tyler Long,

Thank you! It would be wonderful to have this functionality. I've spoken with developers who will charge me several thousand USD to create a private app. I'd prefer to have it be public & would be willing to pay your company to open this up. I can probably get a group of investors to help pay for the development costs - this really should be public.

I know that you do have Fax opened up on Zapier - it seems this would function much in the same way as MMS. All that's needed is a compatible object pointed to with a url and voila, it sends.

I hope the discussions with engineering are positive!
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Tyler - could you assist me with getting RingCentral to accept a post webhook for MMS? 
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What do you mean? You want to post something to RingCentral or you want RingCentral to post something to your url?
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Post something to RingCentral.
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