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RingCentral touch tones not working with certain conference line services?

We have RingCentral phones in a few satellite offices, and a few in our main office. We use many different conference line services (oftentimes the exact service used is picked by our external partner/client), and need them to all work reliably.

What I have documented here is a problem which appears to be RingCentral-specific, where RingCentral works with some conference line services properly, but not all. Specifically, DTMF tones fail to be sent nearly 100% of the time when using RingCentral phones and the conference line service.

Here is the video evidence...

First note:
  1. All video clips were recorded in early hours of the day, when load on internet connections could not possibly be an issue (I believe my network's QoS settings are correct, but wanted to eliminate that variable in these tests).
  2. The first video link is for a RingCentral phone in a different office location, all other video clips are from our main office location. This demonstrates that the problem exists in multiple locations, therefore minimizing the chance it is an office-specific internet service provider issue.
See the following video clips, from 4 different RingCentral phones, showing failed receiving of DTMF tones for service: Here are the same phones tested using a different conference service (, all DTMF tones sent correctly (note you have to put an invalid code in to have the system read it back to you):
As a comparison, here are two (non-RingCentral) phones with XO Communications IP Flex service, which can send DTMF tones correctly to
And here are the same phones successfully sending DTMF tones to
I completely understand that "you get what you pay for" with a free conference line service, however sometimes our partners/clients set up conference lines using this service and our staff need to dial in. We have to expect all conference line services to work equally well for us.

RingCentral's inability to support all conference line services is a serious concern. Unfortunately this is forcing my company to re-evaluate our proposed rollout of RingCentral phones to our staff at a larger scale.

I would appreciate people's experiences or thoughts on this. I hope I'm either overlooking something, or there is some way this can be resolved.

dtmf tones not working
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Updating this issue with my most recent interaction with RingCentral tech support, which has solved the problem. Hoping this information will help others who might find themselves in the same situation.

RC tech support was able to replicate this issue from their own office. This confirmed the issue was not specific to any of my company's equipment, internet connections, etc. The RC tech was able to explain that the issue was how the call was being routed from an RC phone to the conference line service. In this case, calls from an RC phone to were being routed via a path that degraded the call quality enough to cause DTMF issues.

The good news: The RC tech was able to permanently disable any calls being routed over this specific path. Now all calls from our RC phones are routed in such a way that bypass the problem area.

This was still a frustrating experience to narrow down the culprit (was it our ISP? our phone hardware? our router settings? etc), and ultimately it turned out to be a third-party (one of the entities that helps route calls) that I never would have been able to contact directly.

More importantly however the issue is fixed, and that's thanks to RC.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Touchtone commands don't work (other phone systems). I'm trying to call into a voicemail attendant system (not ringcentral) but it won't work.  I press all the right numbers but they aren't registering properly on the other end.  If I call with a landline, or my cell, it works fine.  But with my Ringcentral phone it doesn't work at all.  Any advice?  It's just pressing * , #, and some numbers.
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Hi Randy, your issue sounds very similar to the one Eric described above. Take a look at his reply above. If you are still having problems, please  Open a Case and be sure to include some sample dates, times the numbers you were dialing etc when you experienced this problem. 

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I called support and had this same issue and the told me nothing he can do terrible service and I am a reseller. making me rethink the whole relationship
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ring central support is TERRIBLE
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Hi Victor, Was a support case opened up for you? or what this for another customer?  
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