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Mobile App - Troubleshoot Calls not Connecting on Android | RingCentral

Recently I have been unable to hear the person on the other end of the line when I answer a call on my RC phone app. At the same time they are unable to hear me. I did not update my RC app yet this suddenly started happening about a month ago. The newest app, version 8 is not compatible with my phone which is why I have not upgraded it.

I am using a Samsung Captive Glide operating on ICS 4.0.4. All my other apps are working fine. I have gone through all the trouble shooting measures including force stop the app, uninstall and reinstall, calling tech support, etc. Tech supports answer was to buy a new phone. My response was, support the app that I am paying for. I have older apps and free apps that all work without issues on my phone. ICS is only 4 years old.

So far a temp fix I have found was to find an older APK of the RC app, even older than the current version I already have installed on my phone. The version I has was 7.5, the version I downgraded to was 7.4. The issue happens when the phone app tries to connect the call in HD. Unfortunately I don't know if the call will try to be connected in HD or SD until after I answer the call. As you can imagine that is extremely frustrating as well as unpredictable and unprofessional. The only way to temporarily stop incoming calls from answering in HD is to go to Settings, Apps, Locate the RC app to Force Stop then go back to the RC app to open it again. This is a very temp solution and only seems to work for 2 or 3 calls after before connecting in HD again. Tech support said there is no way to prevent the phone app from answering in HD. If they could simply fix that one issue the older version of the RC app I downgraded to would work just fine in theory. 

I currently have the Ring Central Office plan.
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We have not had other reports of this happening on the Android App.  I have created a case for you and someone will be contacting you. 
Case#:  04754878 
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Also - you will want to be sure that all the firewall ports are in place on your local network, or it typically the hardware on a phone that old.  

System Requirements for the RingCentral Service
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I use wifi calling everywhere and this happens regardless of which network I am using. 
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Then the issue is most likely with the hardware of the old phone. 
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I don't understand how it could work great one day and then stop working the next when I made no changes to my phone or apps :/
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Will your phone update to android 4.4 ?  
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We have this problem on new phones as well. I have 4 people in our office with both Android and iOS who report problems not being able to connect over wifi.

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We conducted some of our own in-house testing and found there is an issue with the app and certain Wi-Fi ports. Not every Wi-Fi config has those ports available that the app requires to do communication through it. I hope that RingCentral can use this information to try and fix issue.

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Dawn, we would recommend reaching out to support directly with this information.
They can make sure it gets to the right teams.

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