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Remote Users Affected by Office Network?

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Description: The majority of my employees (and RC users) work in the office itself and use desk phones. When there is a network issue (Internet drops, router configuration problem, etc) I expect that these users will be directly affected. However, I've noticed that whenever we have a network issue in the office our remote users are also affected. I find this odd and I'm wondering why this happens.

Example: Earlier today our office network lost Internet connectivity for about 30 seconds. Of course, we lost our phone connection and had to reboot our phones as soon as the Internet connection was restored. During this time, though, I had an employee working remotely who reported her desktop app was "malfunctioning" and she had trouble making and receiving calls.

I suppose I can see how this could occur, but the logic behind it still escapes me. If someone is working remotely, on an entirely different network/connection, why are they affected by our office network? 
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This thread is probably related to your Desktop remote user:
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Hi Kim. That thread appears to be an issue going on right now, possible a bug. I don't think my issue is a bug, mine is ongoing. The example I gave was from today, but it has definitely occurred before for our remote users. 
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Hello Brandon,

If you are having internet connectivity problems that are being caused by your internet service provider your home user could experience the same issue if they are being effected by the same ISP (Internet Service Provider) problem.

Over the last month or so we had several Major ISP outages that causes many RingCentral users to have connectivity issues. This was because their ISP was unable to reach out servers. If it is an ISP issue it could be effecting your home Users as well.

If the Users are using a VPN to connect to your network at the office they could experience issues when your office network does depending on the way the connection is set up.

My best suggestion to your would be to open a support ticket the next time you have an issue so we can work with you to identify the issues and help you resolve it. I can assure you that there is no direct relationship between the RC desktop app and the network on which the main RC account is configured.
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I was going to suggest the same as Nathan as a possible explanation.  Does the remote user have a client VPN?  Do you know if it is configured as split tunnel or is passing all traffic back through the head office?  It would make perfect sense if the user has client VPN and routes desktop app traffic destined for RingCentral through your main office to have a problem at the same time as the office.
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A couple ways you could confirm this too.  Have the user go to and see if it reports the same IP as you see from your office and/or traceroute to something like and see if hops through a VPN and your office internet.
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In response to your questions Brandon, "All else being equal, if the office network was experiencing an issue and the user has a different ISP and is not using a VPN then they shouldn't be affected, right?", you are correct. If their is not a ISP issue causing problems for both locations and there is not a VPN in place the issues would be nothing more than a coincident that they were happening at the same time.
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