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Call Queue: Can't Answer New Call at Phone That Came in While on First Call

We are a small office with three people in the queue for calls coming in on the main number. The calls ring simultaneously at each of our phones. However, several times I've been the only one here and have answered a call. Before I am able to forward that call, a second call comes in. I transfer the first call and even though I hang up and the second call is still coming in (I can see and hear it ringing at the other two phones), I am unable to pick it up unless I go to the desk of one of the other two people in the queue. I did change the setting for "minimum post-call wrap up time before agent's status is automatically set to available" from 10 seconds to 0.  Will that solve the problem of being unable to pick up a second call that came in while I was still on the first call?  Or is that not a solution and there's another way of handling this?
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Carol,  Sorry for the delay in responding here.  You mentioned you changed the time from 10 seconds to 0 seconds.  Have you had a chance to test or notice if that helped?   

If it did not, reply back here and I'll be happy to look into this for you. 

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I have the exact same issue. It seems that if the system detects a users presence as busy when a new call comes in, that user is unable to pick up the new call. (Even if the user puts a call on hold, ends a call,etc) On days where we have one or two folks manning the phones, I have people running back in forth between offices when we get multiple calls.
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I have also tried setting the wrap up time as 0 and that did not help. I have been trying to work through technical support to see if I can come up with a solution and have yet to reach a satisfactory conclusion. I am tempted to plug a couple extra Ethernet cables into the switches in our folks offices so they can plug in several of our coworkers polycom phones in so they can put a call on hold and answer an incoming call when short staffed. It sounds ridiculous, but it beats running from office to office coving the phones.....
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As the other person who responded says, setting to 0 does not help me.  Is there a workaround for this?
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Hello Carol,

The Call queue works by ringing the Users extensions in the Call Queue group. If you are on any phone call the system will see your line as busy and offer the call to the other phones, but not yours.

The call would then ring the other phones for the amount of time that is determined by their Call Handling & Forwarding rules of the other 2 extensions. Meaning that if the other 2 extensions are set to ring for 30 seconds then the call will ring their phones for 30 seconds and not yours because you were on the phone. Once the 30 seconds is up at the other 2 extensions the Call Queue will then requeue the call, check to see which extensions are available to take the call and then start ringing all available extension again. If you are no longer on the phone at when the call is requeued then the call should then come to your extension along with the other phones.

So you would have to wait however long the Call Handling & Forwarding rules are set for the other extensions before you can answer the call.

The other way to get around this would be to create a free User and ring the 3 phones from a ring group rather than through a Call Queue group. This way all calls ringing all phones all the time. If you are on a call when another call comes into the ring group then you will get a call waiting tone beeping in your ear and you can answer the call at any time. If you transfer a call or place one on hold the new incoming call will immediately ring your phone. The downside to this is that you cannot keep a person on hold for more than 75 seconds before sending them to a voicemail box, and you cannot play any interrupting messages. So depending on whether you use those features of the call queue or not this option may not be feasible for you.

The other option would be to remove the other 2 Users from the Call Queue when they are not there to man the phones. That should make the call ring you once you get off the phone pretty close to immediately.

I hope this help. Let me know if you need any clarification.

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Thanks for the clarity! I will look at the handling & fowarding rules for each of the users. So I understand correctly....In theory, if I set the users handling to a fairly short interval with me on 0 wrap up time, when I put a call on hold the system might see me as available when it reques the call.
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