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2 Phone Lines - 2 Separate Company Greetings

2 phone lines need 2 separate Auto Attendant Company Greetings. Hello - I have 2 phone numbers associated with my ringcentral account.  The first number is the number assigned to me by RingCentral that I have never really used. Then I ported in my main business phone number. This phone number has an Auto Attendant with a Company Greeting.   I want to start using the first phone number for a 2nd Company and I would need a separate auto attendant with a completely different company Greeting.   Any suggestions on how to set this up. I am assuming (possibly incorrectly) that if you have 2 separate phone numbers then you should be able to have 2 separate company greetings?? -thanks in advance!! 
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Absolutely! Simply use Advanced Calling Rules. I also have two companies (my main business and my wife's part time jewelry business) and I set up Advanced Calling Rules based on the phone number called. You can set up a different greeting for each. It works best with a multi-level auto attendant, which is available in all editions of RingCentral Office.

If you need additional assistance setting this up, get back with me here and I can assist you further.
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You don't give us a lot of information to go on.  For example, will you still be working for both companies? If so, it more than likely isn't full-time for each one or you'd be working 80+ hours per week. Will it be part-time for each for separate time periods? If you will not be working for the first company, why would you be using that account?

Assuming you'll be working for both companies simultaneously...if you have to use them at the same time, they would each have to be on a separate device(i.e., smart phone, desktop computer, physical desk phone). if you're going to be mobile (i.e., out of the office for both jobs simultaneously) you can only have one log in on your device, unless you are carrying two smart phones.

If you will be working different hours at separate times for both companies, there is no issue. Log into whichever device differently for each job. For example, if Company A's number is 555-1111 and your extension is 200 then you would log into that when working for Company A. If Company B's number is 444-2222 and your extension is 300 then you would log into that when working for Company B.

Since your concern is that you don't want either company know that you are employed by the other company, there is no issue. Each company would have their own account and they wouldn't know about the other company. On the other hand, if it's only one company with several divisions (i.e., Pepsico Inc also owns Frito-Lay and Wilson Sporting Goods among many of their subsidiaries) and if that large company has only one RingCentral account for ALL their subsidiaries (not likely but possible) they could possibly know if you are set up to indicate your "presence". This would be a long shot in occurring but always a possibility. Again, with the limited information you gave I'm just throwing out all possibilities.

Whether or not you have admin access to either company is not at issue with regard to using both account at the same time. If you're not working for the first company any longer and they haven't taken you off their account, I would advise you not to use their number and extension as they will find out when you use the mobile of desktop app with your extension and they charged for the digital direct line after you have made and/or received 9 calls in any given month. gave us very little information to work with. Above are just a few possibilities as to using both accounts at the same time or separately. If none of the above match your situation, please give us a scenario that you are concerned about regarding using both accounts so we can give you a more succinct answer.

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yeah use the advanced rules and send it to another greeting with its own options
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Where is this in the menu structure?
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under admin settings. find auto receptionist on the left side.
then find IVR settings section.
then click custom rules
then click add rule
and you should be able to go through there and set what you would like to happen when a certain number is dialed (send it to a separate IVR menu). hopefully this sheds a little light on it for you.
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Hi Carey,

Here are some screen shots :)

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