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my entire point


That was my entire point. No reference was made in your post about the fact that the call came in on a digital line. I made sure to delineate that in my response to you that the call did indeed come in on my DDL (direct digital line).

So correct me if I'm wrong, as long as the call originates from a digital line before being forwarded to either a home number, a cellular number (not a RC Mobile app), a friend's house number or ANY other number, there would be no additional digital line charge.

FWIW, I'm not trying to be argumentative by any means but without the mention of a call originating from a digital line before being forwarded, it gives a totally wrong impression of what charges could be incurred. That's why I am trying to make sure I understand this both as a RC Partner and for the sake of correct information here iin the Community Forums.

You stated, "As long as on the ring group, the entire call handling and forwarding section is going exclusively Digital Lines, and no external or Non Digital Line transfers, the Ring Group would not be billed." Yet, a home phone number is external, a cellular number is external and neither are RingCentral digital lines. How can they be charged since RingCentral is no longer involved in the call after leaving the digital line?

Your response back to me is accurate, yet contradictory to your first statement that I quoted above. That's why I asked for clarification. Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Whats the Difference Between a Call Queue and a Ring Group?.
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