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RingCentral Meetings - Scheduling Issues

This information does not help because this does not work. When you go into schedule for someone else (who you have permission to schedule for), the name is not there, or you click on the name but the wrong name gets scheduled instead of the name you clicked on. Some names don't even show up as real names. They show up as random numbers. We will have to use Zoom now instead of Ringcentral, because this problem is causing so much trouble. Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: How Do I Schedule a RingCentral Meeting on Behalf of Someone?.

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Hi Jerika,

Could you provide more information?

What version of RingCentral Meetings are you on?

Can you provide screen shots of these issues?
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Thanks for making this thread public.

I believe I'm running into the same issues as Jerika (we even ran across the issue where the users that this admin had permission to schedule for appeared as random strings of characters - their names only appeared correctly after multiple login/logout), and it's very disappointing as we are switching from Zoom to RC Meetings and this issue presents a big loss in functionality which directly impacts our executives and their admins.

Like most organizations, we have a number of admins who support executive staff, scheduling meetings a being a big piece of what they do. Ive had no issues with assigning permissions so that the admins can schedule meetings on behalf of their exec staff, that part is fine. The problem arises when they actually go to schedule a meeting for their exec.

Obviously, these admins have access to their execs Outlook calendar. With Zooms Outlook plugin, they can pick an empty spot on the execs calendar, click schedule meeting on the plugin, and it will recognize which users calendar is selected and format the meeting invite according. For example - admin Jill picks an empty spot on exec Janes calendar, hits the schedule a meeting button on the Zoom plugin, and exec Janes meeting information is populated. With the RC Meetings plugin, on the other hand, it will only apply admin Jills settings even if weve selected a time slot on exec Janes calendar. This is especially pointless as there is no way to select exec Janes settings within the Outlook plugin.

So, seeing that the plugin is moot, we go to the RC Meetings app itself. Here at least we can go to advanced settings and select from all the execs that admin Jill has permission to schedule for. However, regardless of which exec we choose, the meeting invite will always be created on admin Jills calendar. Again, this is pointless, as Jill needs to be able to send invites directly from her execs calendar. Admin Jill is forced to select other calendar instead of Outlook calendar and manually copy/paste the meeting info into a new invite that shes opened on her execs calendar. This is cumbersome and inefficient. Were being put in a position where we are in essence taking away vital functionality from our users and asking them to use a workaround that is in all honestly, pretty crappy.

Sorry to be so longwinded but we need a resolution on this ASAP. Please tell me that proper scheduling functionality is being baked into an extremely impending update.

I just tested this with an admin and ensured that Outlook plugin and RC Meetings app are both on the latest version. 5.4.54758.1122

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Was there a resolution this as I need to be able to do the same thing. Just want to be able to add my CEO's information without having to copy/paste as this happens all day long. Please tell me there is a solution for getting this in her google calendar with her plugin. 
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Hey Paige,

I know we are making some improvements for the Schedule on Behalf of Feature in 10.1 - however, I do not have full details.

We are in the process of getting that roll out ready but have not started yet.
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Saadet, has the been resolved, or are executive assistants still required to cut and paste the details into their executives calendar?  Matt is correct this works seamlessly in zoom.
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Sorry, Angie, not at this time. I just tested it today to verify :( 
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I'm using the most up to date version of meetings for PC according to the app and every support person I've spoken with. This is also happening to everyone else in my company (half of them are using apple, half pc's).

Several of the people in my ringcentral users list are not on this list. Several people that should not be on this list (because they are no longer users) are on the list. Several people are listed as numbers and letters instead of real names. The names that are on the list can't even be trusted, because when I try to schedule for those people, somebody else's name gets scheduled instead (click on schedule for: Caroline, and get Brooks when the calendar event opens). This happens when I sign in with ringcentral as well as with google. The support team told me that it is an ongoing problem that they are working on. They don't seem to be working very hard on it though since one update has already come and gone and nothing was changed.
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The problem is most likely due to the fact that the particular user associated with the random characters has never logged into the RC meetings app. We were having the same issue and it was driving us crazy. No one I talked to at RC could figure it out. We did our own testing and discovered that if the user has never logged into the RC meetings application, when someone else is given Schedule on Behalf of permissions for them, they show up as a random character string. If they log in at least once, this issue will disappear. Just be sure that after they log in, the other user who has permissions to schedule for them also logs out and then logs back in. Otherwise you wont see the change.
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Hello Jerika,

This particular instance is something we are working on and the fix will come with the 9.4 release - this is something we are going to be rolling out soon. In the meantime I was told to try the following:
  1. Log into your account online, remove these users from Schedule Meetings for me list and save the change, then re-select these users, save the change.
  1. Log into RingCentral Meetings with these users, then user name will be correctly shown

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Thank you Saadet, this is the first thing that someone has suggested that actually helped. I removed and re-added myself (and all other admins) from all of my users' schedule meetings for me list. At first, the names all appeared correctly with only 5 deleted users still visible on the list. After 24 hours though, those 5 names disappeared along with 11 active users. The problem with clicking on one name and having another pop up seems to be fixed, but I will keep an eye on it. It have a PC, but I'm going to be working with my coworker who has a mac. She said the change did not affect her, so we will be experimenting with it later. I appreciate that you took the time to help, since I didn't get any helpful information from the phone support team that I worked with.
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My pleasure, Jerika. Please keep me updated!
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I have one of our Executive Assistants having the same issue. 2 people are showing in letters and numbers under "Schedule for" list instead of their username.
Removing and re-adding did not help. 
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Are there any official updates or releases to resolve the schedule on behalf of? We've been experiencing major issues when our Executive Admins try to schedule calls for the Executive team members, essentially rendering Ring Central meetings non-functional for us with our GSuite. 
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