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Unconditional Forwarding All "Return Parked" Calls


When a call is parked using mobile or Windows app, and time goes by the parked call rings back on all devices that have the RC app installed on it.  However, if the call was parked it means that we were unable/unwilling to talk with the other party.

We would like to be able to create an "Unconditional Forwarding" on all "Return Parked" calls so that a dedicated someone can be tasked with the call.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

I have tried creating a contact called "Return Parked" on mobile devices so that the contact name is in the list of contacts, however, when I go to import contacts into the RC app I hit the limitation LONG before the Return Parked contact is imported in.  If all contacts could be imported in then I would be able to create an unconditional forwarding rule for all incoming calls with the Caller ID "Return Parked"?

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I can't think of a way this is possible.  Have you played around with shared park locations though?  You can assign keys on various phones that may result in a better chance of someone who is available to pickup the call before it recalls.  I assume now you are just paging and letting people know there is a call parked and if they are busy at them moment of the page they may forget about it.  If a key was lit on their phone there may be a better chance that someone available will pick it up.
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Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your response, but I am looking for something less robust as what you are suggesting.

Basically, if a call is parked that means (in our case) that all representatives are busy (as opposed to putting the customer on hold, which ties up an RC line).

Essentially, if all our representatives are busy and they park a call it would be nice that if they are still busy during the duration of the parked call of 3 minutes (?) then they certainly cannot handle the call thereafter.

Instead, we would like to have that call that's been parked for 3 minutes to Return Park Forward Unconditionally to a call center than can assist us in picking up the slack.  The call center would be a 3rd party agency that is hired to pick up call overflows.  We can't do the transfer option since that takes time to do, but with a single click we could park the call, and then 3 minutes later if the parked call hasn't been picked up then the call could forward to the 3rd party call center who can then service the customer.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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In that case, maybe a ring group or call queue are more suited to handling inbound calls.  A ring group in particular could ring several phones and if no one is available after three minutes forward to an outside number.  I did something like this for an insurance agency once that has 3 or 4 people to answer calls and an off site call center to back them up when they are busy or after hours.  A call queue has a limitation where you can not forward it to an extension or off site after a timer so I think that rules that out.
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What about the over flow call queue setting?  could put to Virt extension with the Answering service.

Why would that not work?


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I think you can't overflow a call queue to an extension though.  Only to another call queue as I understand.  I guess maybe if the overflow call queue just Jas a single member that is a virtual extension forwarded off premise it might work?
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How are you handling inbound calls now, BTW?  It sounds like you may have a single answering position that answers and transfers?  And if that person sees no one available they park the call?
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