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Call rotating feature doesn't work according to Tier 2 support

It appears that the call handling feature in ringcentral called "rotating" doesn't work.  Tier 2 confirmed that this featured does not function as it's intended.  All it is doing is just fixed order from the lowest extension number to the highest extension number.

So there is really no rotating feature.  That's too bad.  Ringcentral can't handle our growth.  We can't have a fixed order call queue. That would be very inefficient.  What's surprising is that ringcentral doesn't disclose that it is not working.  And it took weeks of working with technical support for Ringcentral to finally disclose that this rotating feature doesn't work.

So again, will this feature be fixed in the future?  If not, just remove it from your website because it is deceiving.  Do let your customers pull their hair for weeks with a feature that is deceiving.
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hmmm i havent set up a rotating queue before so i cant defend anything here, but that is not a good thing if its labeled as rotating and it doesnt actually do so. i hope danno or jan have a chance to see this and maybe test on their end so we can test this through.
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I would like to take a look at your account. Which call queue is being affected? 
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Trust me, we've had Ringcentral's Tier 1 (Martin) and Tier 2 (Cal) support scrutinize and pick apart the settings for several weeks.  Everything is ok.  Until finally Tier 2 disclosed that the rotating feature doesn't work.  We were shocked.  I ask Cal of Tier 2 to please verify and re-verify with the ringcentral engineers if this is true.  He left and came back and said the engineers confirmed that this call "rotating" feature is nothing more than a fixed order feature that routes calls from the lowest extension number to the highest extension number.

Can you imagine the ramifications of this?  Only one person - the person with the lowest number extension - will get the bulk of incoming leads.  The 10th person will just be twiddling his thumbs and slurping his smoothies because 9 other people would have to not answer the rotating call before a call actually gets to his phone.  In the meantime, the first person would get burn-out. How can you run any kind of call center, big or small, with this inefficient programming?  

The solution provided by Ringcentral Tier 1 and Tier 2 support is to switch to simultaneously ring?  So you guys want our entire office to ring simultaneously whenever there's an incoming call.  We might as well put a permanent siren in our office because all the phones will ring all day.  Noone will get anything done.  Plus, it'll cause tension between call center agents when some people are answering the phones more than others.

It's surprising given the size of Ringcentral as a company.  Does this mean that 90% of your clients are those with 1-3 employees that don't need call rotating?  Why is this feature even on the website settings?  

Check out the settings of our Group 1.  But this is an engineering problem.
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I've been conducting research on this issue since the answer you received didn't sound correct.

I spoke with my Engineering Team and they said the following:

when selecting Rotating it will make a list that looks similar to a fixed order but it still rotates the calls after someone has answered unlike fixed order. For example if you have 101, 102 and 103 in a queue with rotating and a call comes in it will go to 101. Now 101 gets off the call and a few minutes pass and another call comes in. That call will go to 102 first and will not go to 101 until 102 and 103 both do not answer. 

I then had my training team spend the day going through different scenarios with the Rotating feature and this is what they found (keep in mind they used different accounts to test this):

We replicated the settings on our accounts and tested. Calls were randomly sent to different users, both when all users where available and when some were on the phone. Calls were not always sent to the person with the lowest extension number, nor were they always sent to the first person listed in the queue. Calls were completely random whether all were available or others were on calls.
Now, when I look at your account I see that all of your call queues have the same people in them. This could be causing some confusion among your staff since let's say someone calls Call Queue 1 and gets Sally. Sally talks to that person for a minute and then ends the call. A few minutes later, a call comes into Call Queue 2 (which Sally is a part of) - the call rings Sally's phone even though she just got off with a customer on Call Queue 1. With this scenario, a lot of confusion could occur. 

I'm going to coach the representatives you spoke with earlier on this subject. Sorry for the confusion!
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Hi Saadet,
The issue was resolved yesterday by Martin of Tier 1.  The solution was to create an entirely new Group / Extension 1.  Apparently, group 1 was corrupted.  The settings were right, but the behavior doesn't follow "rotating" mode.  The algorithm was somehow stuck in calling a specific fixed order of agents, regardless of how previous calls were handled.

According to Martin, these Ringcentral Groups get glitches from time to time in your system.  The best solution is just to restart, just like a computer.  What he did was to create a new group and replicated the settings of the corrupted group.  Then he deleted the corrupted group and replaced it with the new group.  

We tested it several times.  Indeed, the calls rotate properly based on who answered previously.

Moving forward, please train Tier 2 and the engineers properly so that they don't give false information to your clients.  Miscommunication or not, they definitely gave us false and alarming information that this feature doesn't really work as intended.  And Tier 2 claimed they verified it with the engineers.  We were even told that Ringcentral is not really made for big companies.  It's not a true pbx.  While we understand that it may not be a true pbx, surely it should be able to handle a company like us with 9 people.  When we were told about this "known" limitation, we had to scramble to find an alternative to Ringcentral to suit our needs.

I am sure our case will happen to other clients at some point.  The solution was quick and simple.  Everyone in the support team should know how to fix this type of problem quickly to avoid prolonged disruptions.

But all is well on our end for now.  Thank you.

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Thanks for the update! I am so sorry and disappointed to hear about your interaction with us during this situation :( 

It's true that sometimes the best thing to do is create a new Call Queue - because things do get "stuck" on the back end from time-to-time. Our system is capable of handling larger companies, we have many that have hundreds (sometimes thousands) of employees so I'm upset to hear that you were told otherwise :/

Rest assured, I will be forwarding your comments and experience.
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