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Why is There No Phone Number with the Area Code I'm Looking for Available? | RingCentral

If you are looking for a phone number with a specific area code but it is not available, there is a reason. Some area codes have been completely exhausted. Meaning that there are no longer any available phone numbers with that area code. Why is that? They are currently owned, and have been for years, by another individual. An example of an exhausted area code is 303 in Colorado and 212 in New York.

If you are finding yourself in this situation, please select a phone number in a newly created area code for your preferred location.

Now, on the rare occasion that someone gives up a phone number with an exhausted area code, this number is placed in quarantine for a certain amount of time (this is a precaution in case this action was accidental - this way the owner can retrieve their phone number). Once the number has been released from quarantine, it is now available for purchase. You are always welcome to see if there is a phone number in your preferred area code by creating a case. Simply let us know what area code you are looking for and we are more than happy to check its availability!


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We ran into this problem with the 717 area code.  There is a 223 area code overlay, but that does not show up on RingCentral.  I don't know how RingCentral acquires available phone numbers, but 223 has about 320 prefixes that cover the areas we need.  
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Hello Brian!

Please contact our Support Team to help you check internally if there's still available numbers with the area code you need.

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