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Failed to detect microphone - Plantronics Voyager Focus UC with Ring Central PC Desktop App

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I connect the Plantronics Voyager UC Headset to my PC through the BT600 dongle.  I can hear fine call audio, but my voice is not transmitted to the person I am calling.  Same for inbound calls.

Here is the message that I get when I try to place an outbound call with the RC Desktop PC App:

Plantronics Hub:  I have uninstalled it, re-booted my PC, re-installed it, and confirmed the version is current (V.1509).

Voyager UC:  Firmware: V.236  - current.  Battery is fully charged. Headset is within 4 feet of BT600 dongle.  "Sensing" is turned off - I answer calls manually, not by putting on the headset.

Ring Central App version: - current.

Ring Central Microphone Settings:  Selecting either one of the two available settings [the "same as system" setting (which is Plantronics BT600), or the "Headset Microphone (Plantronics BT600)"] does not make any difference.

PC & O/S:  Windows 10 Professional 64 bit running on Dell M2800 Precision Mobile Workstation.  Windows has all updates except Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems because Dell has not done the drivers for that. 

Windows Audio:  The BT600 is set as the default microphone

The laptop has Bluetooth, but it is always disabled, so that does not play a role in this issue. 

When I connect the Voyager UC to my cell phone via Bluetooth, the microphone works for both RingCentral Android App calls and for plain cellular calls.  So, I am confident that the Voyager UC is not physically broken.

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