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Need to add extension to call queue along with members

I have set up call queues to route to specific users based on area code. The reason for this is because our users cover certain regions. However, I need the call to be routed randomly to other members randomly if that person isn't available.  The only way I have been able to get this to (kind of) work is by setting up the group to process the call sequentially and having the person for the area listed first on the member's list.  If I could add extensions to the member's list that comes after the main user for then I could add a queue that is set up to process calls randomly, but it doesn't appear you can do that.  Does anybody have a trick for getting this to work?  

PS:  I'm sorry if this has already been posted or if it is hard to understand.  I looked but didn't see anything listed, and I'm not always the best at explaining things.  
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Hey David, have you looked into using a Ring Group instead of a Call Queue? It might suit your needs better
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No worries, David! This KB briefly goes over the differences between the 2. 

Could you give me more details about how your account is set up? Depending upon the call flow you want, I can make suggestions for you to try :)
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Thanks for the info, David!

So, see if this type of configuration will work for you:

1) Create an Extension without a Phone
2) Have calls forwarded to this new extension (you can either assign it with a direct number or use your IVR - depends upon what works best for you)
3) Add the members that you have listed for your call queues to this Extension
4) Create the same Advanced Rule that you have for the Call Queue to this Extension (Ring Group) - this takes precedence so adjust your Ringing Times in the Rule
5) Adjust the ringing order as needed

So I'm imagining that when someone rings this Ring Group you can set it to Sequential so that the main people you want to answer the phone will get rung first. However, if they don't answer, then the call forwards to the other people. Test it out and see if it works for you! I hope it does :)
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We are new to RC and still going through implementation/setup.  A call queue is what my implementation expert suggested.  I don't think he mentioned anything about a ring group so I'm not quite sure how to set up a Ring Group.  
I did watch the video but it just looks like it is adjusting a numbers forwarding.?  When I add a direct number to the call queue and try to have a number forward to it, it tells me I can't forward to numbers in the system. Does that sound normal?  I'm probably doing something wrong. :|
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For sure, thank you for taking the time to help me!  The calls come in via the main number.  I then have the IVR route 1 of 4 ways.  1 for department A, 2 for department B, 3 for department C, 4 for department D.  If they select 2 it will go to department B and that is routed to a call queue that has advanced call rules that routes calls by area code.  I have 6 users that cover the US and depending on the area code that calls it is routed to that user.  
That all works fine, but I want to be able to have it go to other users in random order if that person isn't available.  The only way I can get it route and have the main person for that region get the call first is by setting the routing method to sequential and put it in order with the person for that region first in line.  I haven't found a way to add an extension after the main person.  
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Creating an extension still does not let forward to the other callers randomly. I can, however, set it so that it rings the main person for the region first then forward to the extension and have it ring the rest of the users all at once.  That might just be how I have to do it I guess.  I just wish there was a way to make it random after it goes to the first person.  If there was a way to add a call queue extension to my call queue member's list that would work perfectly, oh well.    Thank you so much, you have been a tremendous help! 
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