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Have call forwarding set up --- NEED to have my mobile application ring (currently only desktop app can ring)

We have call forwarding set up for four business numbers -- but your services currently won't allow the calls to be sent to our MOBILE APPLICATION. 
Before we set up the forwarding chain, we could answer on our mobile apps. 
We really need you to help us with this, Jean, the person we've worked with at RingCentral says that presently you are unable to make this happen.  Please help us by developing whatever needs to be developed so the forwarding calls can go to our mobile app. 

Currently, whenever I answer a call and the call needs to go to one of our estimators, I have to physically GIVE the phone to him and put it on speaker phone and give up my phone for about ten minutes. Really, this is a terrible solution. PLEASE HELP!
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Yes. It might be time to connect with your Customer Account Manager or Submit a Support Case = an open a Ticket - I think you need to more clearly outline the problem though. Define the requirement clearly. then submit a case to Support. Give as much detail as possible. It sounds like you have 4 lines with incoming calls that need to be able to answered on Mobile by 4 different people as a call pool? This can be done with a Call Queue - if the RC plan you pay for covers that option.

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2287 USA based users, 28 different sites,  3800 DID lines - all Polycom VVX500 phones

2018-11-15 It sounds like you are maybe trying to route calls using call forwarding instead of other routing methods.   Did you already look at Advanced Call handling Rules, Ring Groups or IVR as a solution instead?   

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My system was set up by a ring central expert. I did ask Jean for other alternatives..... she said there weren't any. So I was hoping we could code around the problem.  You think there may be alternatives that she did not try?
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Thanks. I'll open a ticket. Maybe someone else can assist with this. She said that it "couldn't be done", and that I should see if anyone on here can make it happen. 
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Just spent an hour of the phone with a support rep and "it's a limitation of the mobile app" - so I need to submit a feature request here apparently.
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Hi Stephen, 

A feature request is already open for forwarding calls to the mobile app. You can vote for it here.
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Thanks Jessica: I have voted on that thread but I have see many posts asking for the same (or similar), some a number of years old. I find it bemusing and incredibly disappointing that I cannot get the mobile app to ring when a call gets forwarded to my extension and that it has  ever been an issue is bizarre.

To add insult to injury the mobile app shows in the call history that I missed a call!
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